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YHC rolled into the AO and knew he was late because Pasqually was sitting on the curb waiting. PAX was gathered and being entertained by Navy who was telling how his employee was swindled out of $500 of his money. Believe it or not, it wasn't the first time this has...

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YHC arrived to the glowing lights of WCHS. The PAX knew a special Q was coming and went all out. The lights were brighter than a re carpet walk during the Academy Awayds. YHC quickly found out they were repaving Bridges and not to get excited. Finally the PAX rolled...

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YHC pulled in to the AO with about 4 mins to spare to find most of the Pax on site and waiting for the hard start in the warmth of their vehicles. We circled up and said our good mornings while we waited for the rest of the Pax and a hard start. At 5:30 I called for...

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Mosie, Music, & More Mosie

We Mosier to the Boondocks where we circled around a speaker. Tunes played while we jogged, high knees, butt kicked, happy feet in place, bropees in between. Then hydraulic squats, ballerina squats, air drama squats, with burros in between. Next drop the hanky with...

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