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Well, I say it again, QIC put the PAX at risk and it is unforgivable. But to try to make this negative a positive, spread the word, rip currents are real. No matter your swim ability, your age, your strength, the RED FLAG means DANGER as we witnessed today. We thanked...

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Back Fart Orchestra at the Knarr

YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 11 PAX show up for the morning monsoon. I remember thinking before arriving at the AO, it would be lucky if 4 or 5 show up. As we started to gather, I noticed Newman, Kiwi and Ricardo were already soaked from the 5:05 standard....

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Eeyore strikes again !!!!!!!!!

Being the Weasel Shaker I get involved with the weekly Q sheet sign ups and noticed an empty spot for my buddy Ponchs' AO the Prometheus Kettlebell workout.  So, YHC grabbed it and ran with it.  Feeling the pressure of providing a special workout and effective...

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Old Guy Q

What a perfect morning to gather with a safe distance and little to no contact. Little to no running, and little to no warm up. SunGods for a brief moment, straight to the big rope thing for Rowing exercise, LBC's, rinse and repeat. Ring of Merkins up to 5 and back,...

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Staying 6 ft Apart

As we continue to gather during these troubling times, YHC wanted to make sure to keep my brothers safe. With that in mind, I designed today’s workout to keep us 6 feet apart at all times, By using the elements provided at the Rolling Stone. The PAX began to roll in....

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No corona at the Swash!

7 HIM met in the gloom for a beatdown. During a time of social distancing, panic, and pandemic these men were not going to be the sad clowns of yesterday. Warmarama Mosey to the front bus entrance ssh ic x10 cotton pickers ic x10 Mosey to front of school hillbillies...

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