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The Steps of a Man at The Gauntlet

0525 Hard Start 7 men moseyed behind Java Post for WARMARAMA SSH, Squats, Good Mornings, Hip Circles, and the introduction of Groiner-Jacks (evidently Ecclesiastes 1:9 applies to exercises too)  About this time Kiwi joined us so 5 burpees OYO Mosey across the back...

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A HIM’s choice

Warmarama Side straddle hops, Cotton pickers.  Capri lap around to the back lot of CCBC covered entryway. Today's workout is actually a repeat from about 2 years ago, designed for the HIM to get what he wants out of the workout.  Push hard the full minute of AMRAP, or...

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No breeze under the pavilion

Between the Corona and injuries it has been months since I have been the Q.  So long I actually cant remember the last time I was the Q, needless to say sleep was not my partner as I anxiously anticipated this weeks Mullet Wrapper.  YHC pulled into the AO at the one...

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toys everywhere

Glorious Morning. period THANG - 10 coupon stations set out and rotated thru by the pax whilst the cadence called out by the Cinderblock curl station -- Derkin off a block, Blurpee, Block Press, Block Curl, Kettlebell Squat, Kettlebell American Hammer, Heels to...

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Ricardo’s Ultimate Hash!

It was definitely a pleasure to lead this morning.  Was looking like rain last night, but you know it never rains on an F3 Workout!  (Well almost...)  I was hoping for a crowd - or at least a lot of mumblechatter - so I opted not to run the loop.  Tried to stay away...

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