YHC rolled into the AO and knew he was late because Pasqually was sitting on the curb waiting. PAX was gathered and being entertained by Navy who was telling how his employee was swindled out of $500 of his money. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the first time this has happened to an ice cream shop. 3 minute ,2 and 1 because we start at 5:25. 3 F’s given and we were off. YHC was joined by Pasqually, Ponch, Purple Rain no not everyone has a P name Griswold, Cyclops, Bandit and Boyle. Using the Google maps in my head we started across the street.


Stop at Hardess for SSH’s and Cotton Pickers x 15, Mosey across the street and stop by McD’s for Windmills and Imperial Walkers x 15.


Down Manatee st til we meet Neptune 10 Merkins, Run to the end of Neptune 10 merkins and squats, Finish running on Neptune til you hit Yaupon. YHC tried to map it so each leg was close to a half mile. Cyclops and Purple began an in depth conversation about the names of the street and how Yaupon came about. Purple stated that every community in the East has a Yaupon name. Merkins, Squats x 10 LBC’s X 20?, Run on Yaupon til you hit Deer Crk Dr. add Little Scott Foley’s tot he exercise mix. Apparently changing an exercise to your own name is frowned upon.Run around deer Crk dr. while Griswold who can out talk RB on any given Sunday continued to do his best tour guide imitation telling YHC where everyone lives, what is being built and even pointing out where he lives for 5 years. Riveting. Stop when we hit Deer Crk again and add Lunges various numbers at this point. Run across the main drag and to Walgreens and turn around to the big hill. The ramp going to Lowe’s. 3 rds of up forward and back backward. Bandit was quick to point out his backward days are over after his spill last week. Time to head for Mary so we took the long way around the cback of the buildings and joined the Prom for some Mary dating.3.7 miles according to Gris.


LBC’s, something else, more LBC’s and YHC took us with an extended Protrator. Purple Rain left Mary so he could get 4 miles in. Remember you lead by leaving, our new Nantan saying

Purple Rain was voluntold to take us out. We pray for Jill and Skid Mark and his entire family, our marriages and all the men in F3.

Thanks to PR for asking me to lead. it is always a pleasure to my brothers in the West. If you haven’t taken the time to go East or West you are missing out.There are so many good PAX members out there and then there is Pasqually. Hope a good time was had by all.

YHC Ron urgundy


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