I get it, the late show is….. wait for it ……. late.

YHC pulled in and emptied out the coupons – Seabag with a full propane tank inside, Helmet Bag full of (real) Bocce balls, laundry bag of assorted dumbbells, kettle bells in several different flavors, Navy’s GD rope, a double trailer hitch, medicine ball and a frisbee.  I had hoped to have enough to go around. Coffee in hand, we three stood there looking at each other like ” where did mom go?” until the big hand hit 12 and it was –

Warmarama – a lot of swinging of the arms and some stomping movements to warm up the bones below the chest.

My first thought was damn this was gonna be fun with a bunch of people, I should omaha , forgo all creativity and do a dora or something to just get thru 44 minutes.

The Thang –

during perfectly executed hillbillys, I explained my vision to my compatriots while thinking I needed a plan B, my idea was to do set out on an imaginary frisbee golf course throwing the frisbee to “the hole” doing 10 upper body, 15 lower body and 20 core exercises at each drop spot whilst carrying the coupon of choice and doing one burpee at shot one, two burpees at shot two and so on. Not only were they not having plan B, neither one picked up the lighter coupons so it was off we went. The wind being what it was, we opted for a medicine ball toss instead of the frisbee for the first 5 shots until it became apparent that a frisbee probably would still get us to the hole before 0800 and the medicine ball would not. These two HIMs are STUDS, Taking turns calling out the upper, lower and core exercises we went thru every merkin known, every mary exercise ive ever heard and squatted, lunged and monkey humped our way around western park and back to the basketball hoop where I must say, none of us are accurate shots with a wham-o. Successful in hitting the hole, we grabbed bands to carefully sculpt our guns as we were mary’d out.

Mid Bicep curl it occurred to me that with 14 more burpees, we could claim the 59th burpee for this evolution. Added to the 405 various exercise repetitions covering a half mile, id say a little respect is in order. These men were all to eager to hit #59 in honor of a certain birthday boy.

Seriously, I have great respect for not only these two High Impact Men but for this group, thanks for the laughs and the sweat.

Prayers appreciated for guidance, and peace while answering the call of a friend struggling today, 10am to be exact.


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