• When: 8/26/21
  • Workout Style: bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: frankandbeans RR, couchpotato RR, navy R, pillbox R, huckabee R, bandit, R, blart R, kiwi, dolphin, purplerain, jenniefinch, birdman, ginger, shorthorn, griswold, sparkles, sandflea, cornhusker, weggie, tarhole, lactose, jared
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rolling Stone

23 with me gathered on a glorious morning for fitness fellowship and faith. frank and freakin beans the long ball hitter from PA in the house its like Christtmas. then the boys from the east as well, i coulda cried. lots of new blood super studs in the west, love seeing all the faces. im constantly growing in my faith, the only reason id ever get outta bed before 9 is for the fellowship and if theres some fitness mixed in, meh , whatever.  so with kiwis closing prayer we got 2/3 today – purplerain made sure i knew he didnt even burn “A” calorie much less many calories which would allow a honey bun to slide down his throat. funny cause i figured he’d be ready for a salty snack considering the way he held my..

for 2 yrs you’ve endured my sense of humor that is lost on most, will you ever learn?

thang 1 —  we began paying homage (NOUN) 1. A demonstration of respect. 2. An artistic work imitating another in a flattering style. to the masters and continued to take a stroll down my short term memory lane of my favorite Qs and exercises …which turned out to be light pole to light pole mixing in the ponchesque upper body, lower body, abs at each stop. I couldnt possibly have worked “what i love most” about all of you (see short term memory) but know i have stolen a little something from each of your Qs . later today alicia will yell at me because i will have washed the still pocketed well written and thought out winki that had on it all the individual exercises of the HC’d that make you all you.

thang 2 —  anniversary Q without the signs? no.    all the pax were invited to grab 2 of my balls and hold them while we did 4 corners with – star jumps x7, prisoner ups x14, hand release merkins x21, american hammers x28 then backwards with war hammer x20, mike tyson x15, copperhead squat x10 and slow side straddle hop x5 once the pax gently put my balls back in my ball bag…, some reluctantly (looking at you PR) we were in perfect shape for

thang 3 —  the deck of death  we executed about 18 cards until jennie finch refused to budge on the burpees so YHC omaha’d to the wall for a 23 person round of peoples chair whilst the pax gave a dissertation on what they love about F3

with 1 minute left we finished with a ponchstraddlehop which truth be known is just me being lazy cause everything hurts my shoulders and ive always hated ssh so there.

kiwis heartfelt prayer is a great reminder of whats important.


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