Turkey feces or Turkey balls

Rolling Stone back blast

5 men gathered to learn some important information about extremely outrageous things

30 second warning given followed by a hard start and a hurry up to get out of the wind

Stopping at the corner of the parking lot for yea Ponch’s favorite, yep hurry up get out of

this wind. The pax ended up getting on camera in the front of the school for a little more

warm up and the first question……… Gambrinus – look it up there has been some pax like this

ok out and about again to the side entrance and a couple more questions…. Extra exercises

because ain’t nobody getting these crazy questions. Head out around to in between the schools

and Jared, Wedgy, and Tar Hole come very close to a couple of answers. Here is where the

turkey question came in, How can you tell the sex of a wild turkey? (male, female) Tar Hole

had a valid point with balls, but the answer is feces. LOL, no really, J shaped is male, spiral is

female. See what you missed………….. A few more questions and exercises, just don’t ask Wedgy

about France (he seemed to like the bidet) and lastly in 1971 the French police had the best job.

Finish up with some Broga and wrap it up it is cold. Thanks Jared for letting me fill in today

and enlighten the pax. Until next time you Gambrinus people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blart out

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