YHC was glad to be back out after a 2 week hiatus due to cold and sinus woes. With the boys from off almost outnumbering the locals the 2 minute and 1 minute warnings were given. Mission statement and disclaimer were given and we were off to a rolling warmara. At tree of life SSH x 20 IC, Cotton pickers x 10 IC, Sun gods x 10 IC forward and reverse.  To the lower lot.  Imperial walkers in motion across the lot and lunge back down second lot. To Big Rock for a traditional dora. Merkins x 50 SC followed by LBC’s x 100 IC, and squats x 150 SC.  To the wall for peoples chair with 10 air presses per man. Balls to the wall with 2 count per man. Next peoples chair burpee relay. Everyone holds the peoples chair while Pax take turn running out front doing their best form  burpee x 2 and then back.  Once done we moseyed to the picnic shelter for some fun. Round 1, 10 reps dips IC, step ups IC, erkins sc, derkins sc. Run down and around tree of life as a cleanser and then back for 15 reps, run and back for finally 20 reps.  Run one last lap and back to flag for Mary.

Mary: American hammer x 15 IC, dying cock roach x 15 IC, finish with several stretches to get us to hard stop.

Prayer courtesy of Wolverine.  It was a pleasure to lead. We missed our site Q Pedro, who is the hardest working retired guy I know.


Holiday Mansion

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