• When: 6/10/2020
  • Workout Style: Kettlebells
  • QIC: Blart
  • PAX: RonBurgundy, Bandit, Flutter, Hugo, HotNow, Pooh, Ronrico, Puddles, WiFi, Hokie, Boss Tweed, Landing Strip, Livermush, Kratom, Twitty, Greco
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Dockhouse, Rolling AO

What a Glorious start to a glorious life.  It doesn’t get any better then hanging out with guys that appreciate you, even when you are not physically present in their lives daily.  It does not matter where you go in F3 Nation and you are welcomed in the Gloom with enthusiasm and invigoration.  Only seeing about 6 or 7 HC’s last night I tried to think of the last time I posted in the East.  It has been probably 6 or 7 months.  Way to long to be away from this great group of HIM’s.  All in all, 16 men showed in the gloom that even if you aren’t a usual you will be welcomed as a friend.  Can’t say enough about this quiet side of Carterico that is growing and becoming strong daily.  Ok, enough gushing on to the beatdown.

5,4,2 minute warning and on to a the First Bell.     Warmarama would take place in the parking lot performing SSH, Windmills, sent the runners on their way and finished up the bellers with Sling Shots L&R, Halos L&R, and Arm stretches.

The THANG Bell

4 Rounds of exercises would be performed with a short parking lot mosey after each round.   Each exercise would be 6,8,10 reps of each with no rest in between.

1st Round   Bent over Rows, Curls, Overhead Press all done L&R.     Once mosey was done 10 Merkins and 10 Double wide Merkins done with no recovery.

2nd round   Lunge, Goblet squat, Crazy 8’s  followed by mosey and 10 Copperhead Squats, Alternating Step Ups

3rd round   Front raise, Upright Row, American Kettlebell Swing followed by mosey and 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Air Presses

4th round  Reverse Lunge, Sit up Press, after 6 horrible shot puts, switched to tricep raises followed by mosey and 10 Plankjacks, Mountain Climbers

After last mosey brought the pax back to the circle and performed a Kettlebell American Hammer w/sit up in between each rep.

MARY would consist of calling on several pax to perform more core work to finish up.  Special thanks to the Beast Puddles having us do LSF’s holding the bell straight up.  They were definitely low and slow  OUCH.  Great finish Puddles.

Announcements, Namarama, Prayer concerns, COT w/YHC taking us out looking for guidance and direction from SKY Q.

Blart out.

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