• When: 09/15/2021
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Blart
  • PAX: RonBurgundy, Corn Husker, Gambini, Denver, Tonya, Jennie Finch, Suitcase, Pastor Cleaver
  • AO: Back Blasts

8 HIM’s showed for the glory of Faith this morning. YHC decided to delve back into his old workout sheets (with much mumble about not working, large print, plastic cover, etc.) the pax pushed on to do the first HASHMARK workout YHC led. Having placed the cones at regular intervals, YHC had placed additional objects, just in case we could get thru it quickly. Much to @Tonya chagrin, we were unable to play with the kettlebells, jump ropes, and bands. Sorry brother. The runners took off with narry a mission statement, which YHC mumbled on the mosey to the other end of the parking lot. Circle up for picking berries, windmill, potato pickers. Mosey to another spot and copperhead squats, left over right, right over left. And mosey around to the start of the Thang. Starting out with ATM’s (AST’s, Tempo, Diamond Merkins) on your six for Captain Therkins @tonya don’t forget this one, you enjoyed it. 1 to 4 + 5 WWI,American Hammers, Merkins. A pleasure had by all as we made our way up to 5 20 5. Alrighty then, “To the Cones”. Run to each cone and back excercising at each cone. 1st Merkins, 2nd LBC’s, 3rd Lunges, 4th Squats, 5th Air presses, increasing the count 10 each time starting at 10 up to 50. Off to another mosey for LSF’s, mosey and Hello Dollies. Now that the legs are sore, lets hit the cones for BLIMPS. 10 each Burpees, LBC’s, Imperial walkers, Merkins, Plankjacks, Squats, inbetween sets the pax would slalom thru the cones (ummm yea). Off on a mosey to another exercise that @Tonya liked, DR W’s 8 count exercise for 10 reps. I think everyone figured it out by the end………. Time was short and all were sad no time for the additional objects. Mosey to the flag for Dying Cockroaches and a bit of broga. Announcements, Prayer requests, and YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for the opportunity today @Suitcase no better way to start the day then with family!!!!!!!!!

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