• When: 7/1/21
  • Workout Style: bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: JarJar Binks, Brockovich, Rerun, Cheech, Princess, Navy R, Dash8 RR, Jared, Tonya, Tarhole, Bandit R, Cyclops RR, Cooter, Griswold, Ginger, TheJudge, Banana, yhc
  • AO: Croatan High School, Rolling Stone

It started with a text to an old friend about 2 months ago, wouldn’t it be great to get some old faces band back together. A guilt trip here and a birthday wish there this morning was awesome. Thanks so much for sharing it with me, my face hurts from smiling. For those not in attendance, you were missed but we can do it again.


A. Abe Vigoda

B. Bonnie Blairs

C. Chinooks

D. Dive Bomber merkins

E. E2K

F. Failure to launch

G. Gorilla Humpers

H. Hand Release Merkins

I. Imperial Walkers

J. Johnny Cash ring of fire Merkins

K. Knerkin


M. Marionettes

N. Nuttcracker

O. Big O

P. Plank Dips

Q. Q’s choice (ponchstraddlehops)

R. Rosalita

S. Side Straddle Hops

T. Tempo Merkins

U. Up Downs thank you Tonya

V. V to roll up

W. Wall sits and Ballls to the walls for Dash8

X. X’s O’s

Y. WYYYDE Merkins

Z. Zombie crunch

Pax Choice Mary to a hard stop Prayers for Dash8s Father, Tarholes Coworker, Cooters Sister in law, unspoken requests and brothers struggling.  Seriously, this morning was a blessing, I love to see your faces and laugh a little to start the day. Im sure that that fellas that were tied up and missed this morning wouldlove to see you too, lets do this class reunion again real soon – like tomorrow at the HASHMARK

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