• When: 04/17/21
  • Workout Style: ab camp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Bandit, JennyFinch, Ginger, Prius, FranknBeans, Griswold, PurpleRain, TheJudge, Banana, Cyclops, Choppa, Blart, Linus, Fish, Laettner, Cooter, McSketti, Pillbox, Lunchbox, ponch
  • AO: Back Blasts, Field of Dreams

What a glorious day to celebrate the passing of Benjamin Franklin.

My sincere thanks for the company this morning gents. For the reader that may be broken, missed the alarm, literally burned a neighbors home to get out of a workout or just hate Ben

– We lunged laughed and loved.

Then AB Ripper X – ouch is all that needs to be said.

YHC was talked out of the rack and stack and into extra Ultimate Frisbee time.

Watching Linus and FranknBeans tackle and mess with each other was priceless. McSketti hasnt missed a step. Laettner is the whammo whisperer. If your looking for extra effort HIM PAX, look no further than Prius, Lunchbox, Griswold, Cooter. Solid work by the frisbee sleepers that are secret hippies – Pillbox, Cyclops, Jenny Finch, and Blart. Ginger and Fish took advantage of the jersey colors and stole more than their share and I dont think Bandit or PR dropped one today. You guys are all studs in my eyes. Blessed to have had you all show my spawn how men can come together, bust chops, laugh and support one another.

Lets get out and support Lunchbox at he Barnacle tomorrow, 1/2 Marathon next Saturday in the east, Tillman run next Saturday in the West

We are taught to pray big bold prayers for those in need, join my family in raising Cooters Brother and Sister in law in prayer for healing.

Thanks for the trust JennyFinch, im going with that and not that you just needed to fill the Q sheet.

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