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Bands of Brothers

Gang of 5 used 9 stations set on the shopping center pillars with pictures of band exercises. Pax ran to a pillar,  completed 15 reps then returned to the 1st station to do an upper body exercise. After completing all stations, the pax ran around the building for a...

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Studliness for Summer

YHC showed up a little early to see who was going to post at the mighty Table Setter. The number of pax was a little light to begin with, but just as always the crowd arrived all at once just before the hard start. The welcome and disclaimer was given and 16 pax...

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Hero Patriot Backblast

It was nice to have a little break from the bone chilling weather this week.  As 7:00 approached, Nipple came in hot, As I began, another car was coming in on two wheels so I staled a little for Wolverine to join us.  The Hero Patriot theme for the Q was Brotherhood. ...

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Started off with a little mosey. Stopped for some sungods, cotton pickers and hillbillies. Took off on an Indian run with 3 merkins. Did a round of dying cockroaches. Headed back to the parking lot with a scout run and 10 merkins. Another round of dying cockroaches....

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Started off with a little mosey around the parking lot 2x. Side straddle hops, 3 burpees two rounds. Headed over to ABC store for catch me if you can and 3 merkins. Ran to wall at the coffee shop. Balls to the wall, people’s chair, donkey kicks. Headed to Mac daddy’s...

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Mullet Wrappers Delight

Three men that can be described as having impact as high as the lightening assembled in the parking lot of the Swansboro Municipal Park. Warmarama started the Wrappers Delight I said a hip (circles IC), (Side straddle) hop, the hippie, the hippie To the hip hip-hop,...

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Started off with a little mosey and some sungods, windmills, hillbillies and imperial walkers. Proceeded to the track for 3 rounds of catch me if you can including 3 merkins, 6 groiners and 9 mountain climbers. Another 3 rounds of diamond merkins, groiners and...

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