YHC was glad to see the Pax outnumber the HC’s this beautiful morning. With PAX and bikes all around, YHC gave 2 minute and 1 minute warnings followed by the mission statement and we were off side by side with the Mountain Goats headed east. We peeled off at the Marine Sciences lot for warmarama. It was clear Shroom was working through identity issues as he was torn between running with the goats or getting a full body workout. He chose wisely.  SSH x 25 IC, Sungods forward, overhead and reverse all 10 ct IC. High Knees x 10 IC and finally cotton pickers x 10 IC.  Next we moseyed toward the boat ramp with a stop along the guardrail for erkins x 10 SC and derkins x 10 SC.  Once at the ramp we lined up for some 7’s.  Burpees at the top, run forward down hill for squats and backpedal to the top for more burpees. Started with 6 burpees and 1 squat and…. well you know the rest. Once done here we moseyed back to the guard rail and partnered up. Partner A on the left side of rail and B on the right. Partner A does erkins while B does derkins x 10 SC. Rinse and repeat switching from erkins to derkins and back.  Keeping same partners do catch me if you can back to the ATM with partner getting caught doing 3 merkins before starting chase again.  From ATM we did a series of mall walk followed by jail break for multiple episodes as we toured the campus, stopping a few times for merkins x 10 SC, squats x 10 IC and lastly low squats x 10 IC.  We stopped by the bookstore lounge ledge for dips x 10 SC and erkins x 10 SC. Jailbreak again to the back steps of the civic center for alternating toe taps, stair climbs at a 6ct cadence ( talk about a CF!), and finally step ups x 10 IC. Mall walk for a few feet before final series of jail breaks. Jail break back to upper lot with lunges across the lot followed by 2 jail breaks where we saw Ronny B taunting Wolverine all the way to the finish. At the flag we invited a few mountain goats who were resting after their 34 minute workout, Gert, Lassie, Monkey, to join us for Mary. LBC’s, LSF’s, Cockroaches, Heels to heaven, American hammer, followed by a low hanging stretch for the calves and hammies.

Plenty of options for the rest of the week. Wolverine took us out in prayer. Lassie on the 3rd F Q today!

It was a pleasure to lead today and I hope an “old school” F3 boo camp was enjoyed by all.  Thanks Suitcase for reviving the classic site and stepping up to take the site.

SYITG: Holiday Mansion

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