• When: 06/17/21
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived to the glowing lights of WCHS. The PAX knew a special Q was coming and went all out. The lights were brighter than a re carpet walk during the Academy Awayds. YHC quickly found out they were repaving Bridges and not to get excited. Finally the PAX rolled in with Holiday, Doogs, Peeper and the Coot and we were ready to roll. Disclaimer and 3 F’s given perfectly as always.


Rolling around the parking lot we did SHh’s, Sun Gods, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Wind mills and Good Mornings as requested by Peeper


Met in the middle of the parking lot at space 176 for the Star Chamber. OK it didn’t take the PAX long to figure out that it isn’t really a star but more of a rectangle but we decided Square Chamber didn’t cut it. PAX would start in the middle, space 176, doing 5 star jumps each time they returned. Run to the far light pole in the corner 20 merkins and return for 5 star jumps, opposite pole same side 20 squats, return 5 star jumps, 20 LBC’s, return you get the picture and we did 20 x hand release merkins, WW1’s and Wojo squats. Mosey to the bleachers for 2 rounds of snakes. The bleachers were wet and the PAX complained but they made it through. Meet at the top for calf raises when done 20 x heels out, heels middle and heel in. Mosey to pull p bars becuase when you are at West you should use them. Partner up with A doing pull ups or dips AMRAP until B returned, 3 rounds, Back to to 176 modified for time with merkins, squats, Hand release done in cadence, please tell gert that is how it is done and Wojo squats.


LBC’s x 15 IC, The Big Sexy x 15 and 30 seconds of stretching….Hard Stop

Prayers for Coot’s sister-in-law, Holiday’s family friend who passed and Doog’s friends mom who tried to commit suicide. There are many families in crisis that we just don’t know about. if yours is moving along nicely thank God. We should praise in the good times and the bad. YHC took us out.

It was honor to lead even without our site Q showing up. I was inspired by holidays workout yesterday. Old school stilll rules for many in F3. You can get all the work out you need in 45 minutes.

QIC Ron Burgundy


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