Warmup of 4 corners to loosen up and warm up on this colder than it has been lately.  Once we were warm the pax were led to the curb to do my two favorites of Curb Alperts and Toe taps.  After two rounds 15, 10 YHC divided the pax up into 3 lines to start their chance at taking part of the Federal Law Enforcement Physical Battery Exam.

Consisting of :  Illinois Agility Run (for those older pax it was part of the Presidents test in Elementary School)                                                     Maximum Merkins in a minute and Maximum Sit-ups in a minute                                                                                 **** If you want to know how you did take a look at any federal PEB requirements on line.

Once the test was complete the pax went back to the curb for Uneven clock Merkins 12, 3, 6, 9 for a count of 5 each

Still not done with the shoulders and chest YHC called for the Ring of Fire count up using Plankjacks (1-5)  ain’t no joke WOW

Back to the parking lot for a round of 11’s with LBC’s and Heels to Heaven (our Nantaan corrected YHC on full body H to H)

Having to finish out the arms right into 100 air presses while a walking mosey to the flag for some MARY

Only went thru 6 mary exercises but all pax targeted the abs and core so everything was sore and pushed to the limit.

GREAT JOB TODAY EVERYONE – Glad to say you all passed the exam in my eyes and wow what a difference 15 years makes from the last time I had to take that exam.  30 pounds and 15 years makes a monster difference.

Blart out

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