• When: 04/26/2021
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Holiday Mansion
  • PAX: Purplerain,Shebangs,Doogie,RonBurgundy,Pedro,Blart,Jared,Gambini,Amnesia,Bandit,Kiwi,SirTophamHat,Jennifinch,Monkeywrench,Carpetbagger,CornHusker,BoPeep,Lactose,Denver
  • AO: Back Blasts, Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr, Morehead City

YHC was glad to see so many Pax show to attend the Q school workout this morning. With the surge of new guys it was past time to grow and serve by training in the basics of the art of the Q.  2 minute and 1 minute warnings were given and the Q introduced himself. Before the mission statement was given we discussed the importance of and the elements of a timely pre-blast. From there the mission statement and disclaimer was given and Pax helped with the 5 core principles of an F3 workout. Warm up mosey to the stop sign intersection. Circled up for warmarama as Q explained the HTC (how to count) and why we do it the same way every time.  SSH x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Abe Begoda x 10 IC, Cotton pickers x 10 IC led by various Pax.  Mosey to next corner for the Thang.

The Thang:  Merkins x 10 SC followed by low squats x 10 SC.  Mosey to middle light and rinse and repeat. Mosey to next corner rinse and repeat. Return mosey to each spot and rinse and repeat 2 more times with various Pax members taking turns leading including relatively new Pax Gambini and Amnesia (great work men!). From there, mosey oyo to tennis court for Dora. Partner 1 begins exercises while partner 2 runs outer tennis court loop. 50 merkins, 100 LBC’s then 150 squats. Mosey to the flag for 6 minutes of Mary.  Dying cockroach x 10 IC, LBC x 11 IC per SirTophamHat.

This was a focus on form and structure today while getting in a decent workout. Much was shared with and by Pax.  F3 cintinues to amaze me as it darws all sorts of men together that otherwise wouldn’t cross paths.  The exercise (First F) continues to be the hook, the Fellowship (Second F) is the glue, and Faith (Third F) is the purpose and call to action. Each Pax brings a unique set of skills to this great Carterico group. If you have never Q’d get a Pax member to help you plan and even co-Q a workout if need be and then just take it and run with it. Today reminded me of the call to share F3 with others (Grow and Serve). I am thankful for those that shared it with me and continue to push me when I get lax. It was honor to lead today.


Holiday Mansion

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