• When: 9/14/17
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: DoubleMint
  • PAX: Teddy, Misty, Ricardo, Puddles, Lassie, Duckbutter, Bayliner, The Second Mile, MonkeyWrench, Suitcase, Pryor, Shaft, Roony, Buynon, Swinger, Pasquale and Josh Walker fng
  • AO: Hero Patriot

YHC rolled up and arranged all the tokens then posted to Twitter and instagram like normal! Then I waited and waited till finally the PAX started to roll in! My lil sis even showed up the get Hulk Smashed! All the Blahblah was taken care of with perfection!


20 ic side straddle hope

15 ic Cotten picker

the thing HULK SMASH

Picked up all tokens and moved to practice field. Broke up into groups of 4! Each group got 1 sledgehammer and 2 kettlebells! We set up 25yrds from the BIG tires! When ran and rolled tire back to the start! Each partner had a task sledgehammer swings on tire or curls with bell, while other partner ran 25yrds and did 25 hand release merkins ran back! Rotation till all finished! Next round between the leg sledgehammer swing on tire while one partner did shoulder presses while others ran and did 50monkey humppers till all have done a rotation!

Moved to track with all tokens! Two ran the groups tokens 1/4 of the track and dropped tokens off while other two did hand release merkins till partners ran back to get partner and ran back to tokens! The two doing merkinks now ran tokens 1/4 of track while partners did hand release merkins till the return of partners and back to tokens! Next round was squats! One lap done time for team on team tug a war best out of three! Lassies team beat Pasquale team 2 of 3 MonkeyWrenchs team beat Misty team 3 of 3 while other teams did curls and shoulder presses! Next round on track half of lap with tokens back to partners back to tokens lbc done! Went one lap around! Time for2 team challenge lassie and Pasquale vs monkey and misty !  Lassies and Pasquale team won! Time to head up bleachers! Pull-ups laying down 15 handrealease merkinks 15the 10 and 10 to the top of bleachers for calf’s of heck 15 out 15 straight 15 in 2 rounds! Time for marry idk what we did at this point!

Always a pleasure to lead the men of F3 that lead me every day to get better! My life is very busy and y’all keep my head above water and I thank you for keeping me accountable!

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