• When: October 19, 2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Lassie, Ronburgandy (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect), Ma Bell, (Wilson Respect), Lemongello, Reef Donkey, Rooney, Winne the Pooh
  • AO: Hero Patriot, Morehead City

With a gorgeous morning just ahead of us, 9 strong Pax gathered with YHC at West Carteret HS for what was promised to be a Bootcamp “lite” workout. Ronnie B would add later on that the only thing Lite about the workout was the sun and that should be spelled Light, not Lite. Duly noted, RB.

After a 15 minute Warm-A-Rama that included all the old favorites, including some slow mosey running, we walked from the parking lot to the track and stopped at the 50 yard line. The Pax was full of mumble chatter and absolutely zero respect was offered to YHC (with the exception of Lassie, who was standing right beside me and could not hear my instructions), YHC stated that the Pax was dangerously close to a round of Burpees. The out of control Pax continued with the MC and YHC had no choice but to call for 3 Burpees. Order restored, YHC explained the Thang:

Count off 1-2. The one’s would run left starting at the 50 yard line and run as fast as possible to no further than the west end goal post. Same for the 2’s who would run right. Two minutes went on the clock. The Pax were to run, as fast as possible to their respective goal post, turn and sprint back to the 50 yard line, turn and run to the goal post again. The idea was for everyone to finish at the 50 in approximately 2 minutes. After arriving at the 50 for the last time and with no rest the Pax was instructed to do Burpees for one minute then go directly into plank hold for another minute. A one minute rest was given before the beginning of the next round. This was repeated 2 more times with something substituting for Burpees….LSF I believe.

Time for Tabata. A Tabata workout calls for 40 seconds on, with a 20 second rest. Five rounds, then a minute’s rest before starting the next exercise. Since this was a “Light” workout, YHC modified the count to 30 seconds on with 20 off. The exercises were Merkins, Squats and WW1’s. Thirty seconds of Merkins and resting for 20 seconds, 5 times. That’s hard. Squats and WW1’s were slightly easier but still tough enough.

Next we we ran a fast Mosey to the pull up bars. The one’s would do pull-ups while the 2’s held a squat. Rinse and repeat twice.

Next we walked to the bench and did two rounds of dips and one round of 20 Durkins. Sprint back to the track to get our belongings then Mary then done.

As I type, It dawned on me that I did not recognize a veteran, which is really the whole purpose of the HP. I’ll try not to do that again. Old age is creeping in as I cannot remember all the prayer requests nor do I recall who took us out in prayer. The Lord does though and that’s what counts. Still, next time I will do better on both fronts.

Thanks to the 9 that shared the workout with me. I had a blast and I hope you guys did too.

Puddles out.

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