Having beat Depends, by what I hear was about 8 seconds to Q the Hero Patriot, I suggested a two Q beatdown.  Depends was happy to oblige.  The plan was launched to help out ReefDonkey and take the keys.  YHC put out a little pressure complaining about no HC’s except for Reef’s, but then again what else is new.   The HC’s started to roll in and Depends and YHC were not going to be alone in the gloom.  Showing up a bit early to view the surroundings and make sure nothing was too dangerous (wet or icy) to run on, YHC’s plan would be invoked for the second half of the workout.

YHC gave an exemplary Mission statement, having no FNG’s there was no disclaimer, off we go to pick up the late Pasqually and start the warmarama.  The usual to follow SSH, windmill, Cotton pickers, Sun gods fwd,rev.  Depends needed a little stretching so he took over for the rest of the warmup.

Onto the first THANG led by Depends.

The Pax would perform the following:  1 Burpee each return to the start, light pole stack up of Prisoner squats all the way around to the far side of the parking lot behind the buses hitting 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 light poles.  Off to do parking lot tracers and then onto the track for a few exercises and sprints until it was time for the second half.

Second half would have the pax performing with a partner 15 exercises, run and meet half way around the track do 10 exercises, run back to the start and do 5 exercises followed by a bleacher snake and Poca led copperhead squats.  Exercises were in the order of Diamond Merkins, LBC’s, Double wide Merkins, Hello Dollies.  Time would expire after the Dollies so back to the flag and a little bit of stretching for Mary.

Announcements, Prayer concerns, YHC took us out in prayer about those suffering from PTSD and our Hero Chris Kyle.

Blart out.

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