• When: 02/06/2021
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Ron Burgandy, Nipple Shot, Hot Now, Pedro, Bandit, Lemongello, Wolverine
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hero Patriot

It was nice to have a little break from the bone chilling weather this week.  As 7:00 approached, Nipple came in hot, As I began, another car was coming in on two wheels so I staled a little for Wolverine to join us.  The Hero Patriot theme for the Q was Brotherhood.  I read a brief story about two Navy Seals who were on an assault mission on Super Bowl Sunday 13 years ago in search of some really bad guys in Iraq.  As they entered the door, They encountered enemy fire, both getting hit.  The first Seal was killed and as the second Seal was dragging his brother out of the room, returning fire killing the insurgents, and was mortally wounded as well.  He died holding his Seal Brother in his arms.  They were both buried at Arlington Cemetery beside each other. Brotherhood can come in many forms, your teammates can be a brotherhood, your profession can be a brotherhood, and F3 is a definitely  a brotherhood.

I didn’t make the PAX do burpees for the late arrivals as we had plenty coming up.  We moseyed to the front of the school for wararama.  From there we moseyed to the tennis courts for our first partner work:a dora tha included 50 burpees (told you we had plenty to do), 150 Squats, and 250 LBC’s.  Next was a Lt Dan to the far side of the court and back.

We headed to the pull up bars for another partner exercise: Partner A lap around the building Partner B did pull ups.  Next round was dips on the bars. We did two rounds of each of these.

To the track we go net for a 4 corners ladder.  First corner was 10 merkins, mosey two next corner for 10 merkins, 10 mountain climbers, mosey to the next corner for 10 merkins, 10 mtn climbers, 10 SSH, mosey to the last corner for 10 merkins, 10 mtn climbers, 10 SSH, 10 squats.

After one round of bleacher snakes, back to the track for an Indian run around the track.

To the flag for Mary.  In true Shaft fashion as we are going out in prayer, Shaft joins us.

Continue prayers for the young girl battling cancer.

As always a pleasure to lead, long live the Brotherhood.

Till Next time-Suitcase

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