• When: 01/04/2019
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Newman
  • PAX: Shroom, Monkey Wrench, Pocahontas, Hokie, Joyride, Peyroni, Lassie
  • AO: Hero Patriot

The Saga of Saturday morning began with hours of uncertainty and misinformation on the eve of action. First there was a Reef Q, then no Reef Q, a possible Hokie Q, a Puddles HC that never happened, a return of the Reef Q, finally culminating in several disgruntled PAX when they showed up Saturday morning and discovered YHC was on the Q. Nonetheless, a perfect disclaimer and we were off…


A short mosey outside of parking lot headed North on the road only Kiwi ever goes on. A short round of Sungods ICx10, CPS ICx10, and some broga to complete our warmup.


A circuit around the bus parking lot stopping at each light pole for 1 Merkin, 2 squats, 3 merkins, 4 squats, etc up to 13.

A mosey to the bleachers for two rounds of bleacher snakes. Followed up with 10 merkins after planking for the 6.

A mosey to the field for 10yards each of bear crawls, lt Dan, Broadjump burpee, and inchworm merkins, all the way across the field.

Over to the baseball field brick wall for Dips x40

To the pull up bars and split into two groups for 3 rounds of 10 pull ups/WW1s AMRAP.

To the wall for people’s chair with storytime running down the line followed by BTTW on a 5 count each pax

Over the benches for Irkins, dirkins and dips x10/20.

At this point it started raining and the fun started…

Out to the front parking lot for parking spot follow the leader (run forward, backward, side hop).

A bear crawl/Merkin circuit weaving between the handicap parking stantions.

A mosey over to oak trees and the grass for a session of the Big Sexy: Boss tweeds, pickle pownders, and monkey humpers x15. At this point the PAX we’re soaked to the bone, the foam in Shroom’s new shoes were ruined, and it was during this special moment that the PAX got to reminiscing about Stacy Hogue and her better attributes.

We finished up the thang with Parking lot squat suicides, up to 12.

Mary was completed by People’s Choice.

A truly great and enjoyable morning with the PAX.



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