• When: 08/03/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Reef Donkey, Nipple Shot, Puddles
  • PAX: Creflo, Shaft, Reef Donkey, Lexy Lawless, Winnie the Pooh, Mortimer (Respect), Crude (Respect, from Davidson), Pocahontas, Quagmire, Escargo (FNG, France), Suitcase (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect) Gertrude (Respect), Depends, Puddles (Respect). Nipple Shot, Rooney.
  • AO: Hero Patriot

Reef hatched a plan over coffee a couple of days ago for having 3 Q’s at the HP. The details are fuzzy but YHC and Nip joined Reef and led the HP. With the weather looking iffy at best, we were not expecting a big turnout. I’m sure Reef and Nip were as surprised as YHC to see 14 PAX join us for a fun, sticky and humid workout.

Reef took the first 20 minute segment and delivered a flawless Mission Statement and Disclosure. With one FNG joining us, Reef took off like a stuck duck and ran to the front parking lot near the tennis courts where he led us in an extended but familiar Warm-A-Rama. Nice job on that, Reef. He announced that we would convene at the 50 yard line on the track and the PAX fell in line and moseyed that direction. Reef’s portion of the workout had the PAX run the track, stop at various parts of the track and do 10 Merkins at each stop. 8 stops equals 80 Mekins. Well done, Reef.

Next up, Nipple Shot:

Bleacher Snake 11’s… started at the end of the bleachers with 1 Wojo squat, run the bleachers to the far end, exit the bleachers for 10 monkey humpers… return to the beginning of the bleachers via the concrete walkway, for 2 Wojo squats, snake then 9 monkey humpers….continue program while adding 1 Wojo squat each time and reducing the monkey humpers each time.. the total reps for the two exercises combined is 11 each round.. hence the name bleacher snake 11’s…

Due to time constraints, we cut out early and moseyed to the batting cage field for the following
1. Lieutenant Dan to 1st pole, run out to end of field
– burpee broad jumps to second pole, run out to end
– duck walk to first pole run out to end
– lunge wall to pile, run out to end
– backwards duck walk, run out to the end
– broad jump LT Dan to Pole and run it out

Passed the reigns to Puddles…..

Nipple had stopped his portion of the workout at the perfect spot, right at the pull-up bars. YHC had the Pax count off 1-2’s. The 1’s did the following: 2 pull-ups, 2 dips, 2 merkins and 2 LSF I/C, all OYO. The 2’s ran under the shelter and around the building back to the pull-up station. The 1’s ran the same route while the 2’s did the pull-ups, dips, merkins and LSF. This pattern continued, with one small change…the number of reps performed would double with each set, stopping at 16, with one exception: The pull-ups would stop at 8. If you can’t do it don’t Q it and no way YHC can do 16 pull-ups.

With around 7 minutes left, YHC and Gert led the PAX to the parking lot and the shovel flag for some plank fun….plank hold for 3 minutes. Straight arm, chillcut, side arm, didn’t matter, just hold plank. Mumble chatter and grumbling ensued.

Remembering we had an FNG to name, YHC called time at 2 minutes leaving the PAX to retrieve his phone while Gert led a couple of Mary exercises.

Crude from Davidson posted 4 days this week and expressed gratitude to the PAX for making him feel welcome at each AO.You are welcome anytime Crude and it was a pleasure to have you join us. It was also a pleasure to have Escargot post with us. Reef would let no other name work. It was Escargot from the beginning.

Quagmire asked for prayers for the families of the men and women that will be leaving soon for a 9 to 12 month deployment. Prayer for the soldiers, of course but he asked specifically for prayers for the families that will be without their loved ones for nearly a year.

Continued prayers for John Jenkins. Creflo took us out with a heartfelt prayer.

YHC enjoys these Co-Q or Tri-Q workouts. They are always fun. Thanks to Reef for the invitation….Nip and YHC appreciate it.


Puddles out.

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