• When: 5/12/18
  • Workout Style: run n gun
  • QIC: Dipper
  • PAX: Dipper, Champ, Mee Mee, Bed Sore, Monkey Wrench, Ramses, Bayliner, Shaft, Second Mile, Flip-Ova, Misty, White Boots, Puddles, Ronnie B, Gertrude, Pastor Cleaver, No sugar, Big Mic, Winnie the Pooh, Steamer, Denver, Water Wings, Lassie, Shroom, Deuce,
  • AO: Slick Cam

25 men showed up at the 2018 Debut of the slick cam.  IT has always been a fan favorite, especially when it gets warm and we finish the last 10 minutes in the water ( maybe 2-3 weeks off).  Loved seeing the familiar faces and getting back to work on the sand.  One thing about the Slick Cam is we only ran 2.7 M in the hour BUT it feels like 4+.  It is such a tougher workout and a great way to push yourself.

** One thing I promise to always do is PUSH everyone BUT also give breaks for each to recover. **

Bayliner- started the boys off with a 300 yard run to the beach.  Where he led us in SSH IC x 20, Cotton Pickers IC x 20, wind mills IC x 20, sun gods IC x 15 reverse…. Oreo Shakers single count x 5

Dipper then lined the boys up for a little Cattaloochie Choo Choo…..Each member is planking except the one in the back.  They go over one person and under the other until they reach the end.  We did this all the way to the pier ( approx. 300 yards).  Then we apple-sauced into 2 lines and Indian ran to the AB circle ( 1 mile)……stopping 4 times and doing ( merkins, dry-docks, merkins, dry-docks).

Once we reached the circle we partnered up and played catch me if you can all the way from the ocean to the boardwalk.  one person would run and the other would crab-walk ( flip-flop)…..  Once we reached the boardwalk BAYLINER led us in derkins x 20, irkins x 20, step-ups x 20 ( did these twice).  NOW we had to get back to the ocean…..so we partnered up and bear-crawled all the way back ” catch me if you can”.

Now heading back home, 1 mile away, we Indian ran back in our 2 lines……Stopping 4 times and doing ( WWI’s and LBC’s)….

Once we reached the pier, we partnered up and one did Balls to the Wall, the other ran out 50 yards and back.  SWITCH   ( we did this 3 times).  Then we mosyed 300 yards for the last exercise.  Everyone standing by the ocean facing the Dunes club, we did the bear-crawl/reverse bear crawl Dry-dock countdown.  Bear crawl 20 feet, 10 dry docks, then backwards bear crawl 20 feet and do 9….etc. etc.

Bayliner took us out in MARY….we did X’s and O’s……LBC’s ….Box Cutters, Princess push pops x 10 and Russian Hammer IC x 20.

Monkey wrench took us out in prayer.

It was a pleasure seeing you guys and it was a great way to start the season off.


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