With a “feel like” temperature in the upper 80s on shore (temps likely more reasonable for Pasqually off shore), we moseyed to the grass behind the Dunes Club for a few Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, and Imperial Walkers.  After a little Downward Dog, we hit the beach.  We moseyed to the first public access for Club Colony.  There are 16 light poles on Club Colony Rd between the main intersection and the east end.  We sprinted between each light pole, with a stop at each one for a descending number of Merkins beginning with 16 and ending with 1.  Last week Hillary introduced us to a beach access at the end of the road with a nice large dune.  YHC had planned for a set of 7s but decided at the last minute to go with 11s.  While a bit of an aggressive modification, the PAX attacked a descending number of Burpees on one side of the dune with an increasing number of 4 count Mountain Climbers on the other side.  I suspect all PAX were at an orange or red heart rate for the entire set.  We moseyed back to the Dunes Club for a little more soft sand action around the chairs/umbrellas with an exercise at each corner:  20 American Hammers, 20 LSF, 20 WWI, and 20 Box Cutters.  The ocean was calling.  Start at one end of the Dunes Club property and swim/run/walk in the ocean to the other end of the property.  Return in the same or different manner.  Great effort by all.  It was a small but energetic and positive group!  It’s about dinner time on Sunday and I still haven’t seen any of fish from Pasqually.

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