After a giving a suggestion to loosen up the upper body as you run to make your running “fun”, we started to run at 0532. A Tempo Run was the order of the day. This is the 3rd leg in any good training program that already includes a strong base of LSD (Long Slow Distance). The other two legs are fartleks and intervals, which we ran in earlier sessions. You can also add in hills or a track workouts if desired. A Tempo run is simply a timed run, set at a pace that you would like to realistically run for example, a 5k. Start off running 5 minutes at a slow pace, then gear into your tempo pace for 30 minutes, then gear back down for 5 minutes. The best running occurs when you run the second half faster than the first, known as a negative split.

Of course, the Greatest Green Mile is for everyone and while some choose to bolt out of the gate like a wild horse followed by a lengthy walk and others jogged, a few chose to try something new. Runners who simply add miles or worse, just maintain the same workout tend to loose fitness and are prone to injury. Varying your workout is a way to do more with less, freeing up time for a healthier lifestyle. We concluded promptly at 0615 and after H2O, brief announcements were followed by prayer concluding before 0630.

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