• When: 08/22/18
  • Workout Style: Kettle Bell
  • QIC: Reef Donkey
  • PAX: Blue, Wilson, Ricardo, RonnyB, Villa, Blart, Smoky
  • AO: Back Blasts

A great day in Carterico met the men who posted today.

We had a Converged warm o Rama with Kubuto from F3Richmond
Happy Belated Birthday Kubuto

After a brisk warmorama (see kubuto’s BB) we Split off from the HIN for our THANG
We circled up and preformed the following for 2 rounds
1 round at 10 reps 1 round at 12
Mosey to light and back after each round

Rt arm row
Left arm row
Kettle bell swing
Can’t remember
Can’t remember

2 more rounds. 10 and 12 with a mosey to the light between rounds

Curl right arm
Curl left arm
overhead Shoulder press Right arm
Overhead shoulder press left arm
Upright Row
Plank jacks

Mosey to the picnic shelter
10 Ervin’s
10 dips
X 5 rounds for
50 each
6 minuets of Mary/broga

It was my pleasure to lead.
RonnyB took us out with a great prayer.
Reef out. 🇺🇸

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