Absolutely gorgeous morning on the waterfront.  At hard start only three of us had shown up and we only had 2 bells so YHC needed a quick Omaha on the plan of the day.

Brief, yet perfect mission statement and we’re off on a short mosey to the Howard Bldg parking lot for warmarama:

  • R over L, L over R
  • Down dog, pedals, cobra
  • Sun Gods fwd and back IC x10
  • Abe Vigoda’s IC x 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC x 10
  • Hairy Rockettes IC x 10
  • Rocky Balboas IC x 10

Back to grab the bells and start THANG 1.  Since we had 2 bells and 3 Pax, YHC decided we would rotate through three exercises 10 SC each (two with the bell and one bodyweight), mosey to the next corner of the Quad, three more, mosey…you get the idea.

  • First stop – KB Swing, Single arm clean & press, merkins
  • Second stop – shoulder press, paint cans, monkey humpers
  • Third Stop – single arm KB swing, curls, LBC’s
  • Fourth Stop – tricep extensions, upright rows, Bobby hurletys
  • Fifth Stop – lawnmower starts, deadlifts, diamond merkins
  • Sixth stop – KB swing, skull crushers, doublewide merkins
  • Seventh Stop – something, something, American Hammers

After this we took turns farmer carrying both bells around the AO.  Over to the student center patio for THANG 2:

  • Right leg Step ups IC x 10
  • Left leg step ups IC x 10
  • Box Jumps IC x 10
  • Glute Bridge left leg IC x 10
  • Glute Bridge right leg IC x 10
  • Dips IC x 10
  • Dips left leg out IC x 10
  • Dips right leg out IC x 10
  • Erkins IC x 5
  • Erkins left leg out IC x 5
  • Erkins right leg out IC x 5
  • Derkins IC x 5
  • Derkins left leg out IC x 5
  • Derkins right leg out IC x 5
  • Comrades Chair IC x 10
  • Buttercups IC x 10
  • GrisWALLds IC x 10

Mosey back to the Flag for 6 MOM Pax choice:

  • X Files IC x 10
  • LBCs SC x 50
  • X’s & O’s 
  • Freddy Mercs IC x 10 each leg
  • LSF’s IC x 20
  • Protractor to HS

Announcements: F3 BBQ @ Dash 8’s house 104 Glenn Abby Dr. 5/11/19 at 6:30 – please HC to Dash8 or Navy, Jacksonville F3 launch 5/11/19. FOD this Sat Western Carterico and Purplerain 2 year anniversary.  Prayer Requests: Holiday and Devlin’s mother/family, LIttle John/Lassie’s family, Laettner’s M/Family.  Lemon Jello took us out with a prayer like only a professional prayer could.

A beautiful and enjoyable morning gents.  Thanks for the chance to try our the bells Q Robby B!


Navy, Out


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