The clouds parted from a night of torrential downpour to leave us with perfect cool but not cold weather to run in. I planned a Run out down Coast Guard Road with the use of four flags at different distances. The first flag, 1 mile out, Second 1.5 miles out, Third 2 miles out and the Last Flag 2.5 miles out requiring the longest run to the 5.0 miles.  There were prizes for the distances to the person who returned the flag of the placed distanced. The Basis of this was slow and fast runners could set the goal of what flag they were going for and challenge themselves to meet that goal.

After the mission statement and some instruction of the tasks ahead we set out. We quickly divided into slow and fast packs with me (McSketti) bring up the rear. Laettner started stopping for burpees clearly showing us how it should be done.

I turned around at the 1 mile mark grabbing the flag and turned to starting point to Laettner still doing burpees.. madman! All the other guys rolled in before the hard stop with the flag capture and prizes results of:

McSketti – 1 mile flag – 2 mile run – Tierra Crown
ReRun – 1.5 mile flag – 3 mile run – Hulla Girl
Frank and Beans – 2 mile flag – 4 mile run – A Scarf McSketti’s M made
Griswold – 2.5 mile flag – 5 mile run  – Homemade Spicy Tomato Soup by McSketti

The soup was donated by Griswold to Navy who should have been in bed and was very ill but made it out to support My VQ. The man is an inspiration. Thank you for the support Navy.

We stopped promptly at 6:15 and announcements were voiced and Purple Rain took us out with a heart felt prayer.


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