Welcomed PAX to the Swashbuckler, stated F3 Mission Statement (one day I’ll get it right) and disclaimer. Here comes Shaft So….. 5 burpees OYO.

Moseyed to the entrance of WCHS for;


L over R

R over L

Hillbilly’s ( Ron Burgundy helped me count) X 10

Cotton Pickers X 10

Side Straddle HOP X 10

Thang 1

PAX lined up for a little rack and stack. First we ran 50 yards . Then 5 diamond merkins, 50 yards back, 10 mountain climbers, 50 yards back then 15 double wide merkins, 50 yards and 20 squats, 50 yds and 25 LSF. Then a slow mosey to the band field for;

Thang 2

Broad Jump Burpee loop- At the band field, 1 partner would run a loop around the field. The other partner would begin broad jump burpees around the outside of the field. When the running partner caught the other partner, switch. 1 loop of the field was completed. Then a slow mosey to the track for;

Thang 3

Lined up on the side line, Q called 50% effort run across the field; 50% back. Squats IC x 15

75% back across, butt kickers back, 75% again, high knees back. LSF IC X 20.

The 100% sprint two times back and forth. Got a ten count to catch our breath and mosy’d to the bleachers for

Thang 4

Partnered up for Dora with Pax 1 running bleacher snakes while Pax 2 does the exercise.  The exercises were 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 second plank.

Then back to the Shovel Flag for Mary, Announcements, Prayer Requests. Creflo led us in prayer. Thanks Creflo!

Thanks to all.  It was fun.

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