The pressure of the convergence was a bit unnerving but I guess having a big PAX is better than no PAX. 16 men came out to support the Q. The word was out to give the Q some of his own medicine and didn’t take the PAX long to start chiming in. Countdown was given, the mission statement and the 3 F’s and then the 6 F’s adding fashion, food and farting. The last being very prevalent this morning.
Mosey a couple lights and circle up for SSH’s x 20IC, Sun Gods x 10 IC. Windmills not to be confused with Abe Vigoda x 20IC. Of course the name Abe Vigoda was discussed in detail because the younger set had no idea who he was. Followed with stretching middle, left and right. Mosey across the parking lot for Cotton Picker x 15IC not PC, Windshield Wipers that Second Mile was quick to point out was a totally different exercise. He was told to stand down. Being a ref can come in handy in the real world, if you are going to be wrong be wrong strong. Hillbillies x 10IC.
Line up at the light poles by the entrance to the dump. Blart kept a sharp eye out so no one would break in. We would do two exercises at each light. As we moved forward we would do the exercise coming back. When you made it back to start 3 burpees for RB’s anniversary. 1st Pole Merkins & LBC’s IC x 10, 2nd Plank Jacks IC & Hello Dolly IC x10, 3rd Alt Shoulder Taps IC & Squats x 10, 4th Mountain Climbers & Rosalita IC x 10, 5th Hand Release & WW1’s X 10. The PAX did this staying together like it was done in the old days. Mosey to the track for 1 round of Big Sexy Pickle Pounders, Boss Tweeds & Monkey humpers x 15 IC. One bleacher snake in honor of Lassie not being there. Back to the top of the bleachers for Calf Raises x 20 Heels out, middle and in. Thanks Double Mint for teaching us this one. Finish up the bleacher snake and to the flag.
Amer Hammer x 15, Dying Cock Roach x 15 & Freddy Merc x 15 all IC. Monkey Wrench had the line of the day. During Mary it got dead quiet and I mentioned that the silence was nice. Monkey hit me up with, “This is what it soundas like when you are not at a workout.” Love that mumble chatter. Finished with the protractor HARD STOP!!
F3 is a wonderful thing. It has filled a lot of voids in my life. I have met a lot of great guys and I even met the Dipper…once. I think going for the free advice is worth it’s wait in gold. This is such a diverse group that they have an answer for just about everything and if they don’t they will one up. I was a sad clown back in the day and now I am just a clown. Thank you men for allowing me to be a part of something special. I am noticing age creep up on me but I feel better than most. I notice guys that are really out of shape and think to myself. I don’t want to be that guy. I have grand kids to enjoy, plus I am going to have to work til I’m 90.
Thank you men. Ron Burgundy

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