Four rucked and two ran the trails at Patsy Pond on a gorgeous and humidity free Carterico morning.  Pre-ruck discussion of the possibility of stepping on a Copperhead in the gloom had YHC nervous. Dash 8 tried his best to scare us by yelling “BIG SNAKE” about 3 minutes in.  Fortunately, YHC only jumped about a foot in the air, stifled a girlish scream and barely pooped my pants at all.  YHC doesn’t like snakes.

Ruckers got in 2.5 and runners got in 4.4.  Lot’s of 2nd F time and a new rolling AO added to the list for Wednesday mornings.  Great to see Weinstein back at it!

Announcements – Jacksonville with Duck Butter on the Q this Saturday. Watch slack for info on a clown car. Rolling Stone tomorrow. Prayer requests for Laettner, Ashley and the boys; Cooter and his M and family; Lassie’s brother and a friend of Weinstein.  Weinstein took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the showing this morning gents.  Thanks for the keys Pillbox


Navy, Out.

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