Climbing Everest

QIC: Newman

PAX: Ramses, Bayloner, Plunger, Pastor C, SpongeBob, Monkey wrench

AO: Hole In None, Carteret Community College

It was a nipply morning down by the sound at the one and only Hole in None. A brisk wind and slight drizzle assaulted the pax from the start. Nevertheless, after a convergence Warmarama with the Bells, we set off right into the roaring breath of mother nature.


Heading out on a tour of campus we started with a round of rack and stack of 5 burpees OYO, 10 Squats, 15 WW1s, 20 Alt Shld Taps IC, and 25 Air presses.

This put us down by the ramp at the Marine fisheries building. As we had passed by, I couldn’t help but notice the loading dock on the side of the building. This sparked the idea for step ups on the way back. There was a significant uptick in mumblechatter at this point; however the pax powered through a round of 10 “climb ups”.

On the way back to “the hill” we stopped for a round each of people’s chair and balls to the wall.

We got to the hill only to find the Bells hiding under the cover of the building. How they made it that far away from the flag, to this day, no one knows.

At the hill, a round of 11s with wojo squats at the top and merkins at the bottom.

Moseying back towards the flag, we stopped at some ledges for The Dip x15, Erkins x15, The Dip, x20, and Erkins x15.

Back to the flag for Mary: LSF x 15 IC, LBC x15 IC, Hello Dolly x15 IC, American Hammer x15 IC.

Thanks to all the Pax for coming out.





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March 21, 2019

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