F3 Carterico in Hiawassee GA

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Hiawassee GA and headed down to the lake here at the campground. I was hopeful that I would not be alone, after handing a few of the fliers I had printed up. Alas it ended up like a past Bands workout and it was just I (FYI still need a Q for this weeks Bands).

Since I was dressed and here, did a nice little warmorama followed by 2.5 mile walk/mosey around the campground and finished with some good stretching to get ready for a full (if not rainy) day of riding through the mountains of GA and NC.

Will be back at it tomorrow morning if for no other reason than to do 21 Burpees in honor of the young man that gave his life so that others could live.

Now to enjoy the view and finish my coffee.


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May 3, 2019

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