What a great morning!!!
Perfect weather.
I was up late and overslept a little and I had to stage up my beatdown with very limited time so, coming in hot I gave the one minute warning from the truck and an abbreviated disclaimer while i put on my gloves, to an excited pax of nine. And we were off on the mosey towards the track. For our first stop of the warmorAma

Cotten picker
Good mornings
Down dog and
Sun gods completed the wamrorama


1. Log flip 100 poundish log
2. WW1
3. Alternating shoulder taps
4. Sandbag squat 50 pound bag
5. Toe taps on parking sign
6. Merkin
7. 3 shoulder move w/ 15# dumbbell
8. Run
9. Lunge
10. Boss tweed

The Swashbuckler was my first F3 workout back on June 2nd in 2016 and I believe Suckbutter …….I mean Duckbutter was on the Q. As I recall he had the workout written on old Pizza boxes. Now he just hordes the old boxes and doesn’t repurposed them. Duck can you confirm?

Anyway I love the variety WCHS offers and I encourage all members to post or even better Q at this wonderful AO.

Holiday Mansion took us out with a wonderful prayer.
As always it was a pleasure to lead.
Reef out


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March 20, 2019

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