• When: 10/22/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Madoff respect, Puddles respect, Wolverine respect, Ron Burgandy respect, Monkey Wrench respect
  • AO: Back Blasts, Queen Ann's Revenge

Going into this morning, I was trying to get in an old school F3 boot camp workout.  A lot of exercises and not many miles.  I got the old part right. All six of the PAX were in the respect club.  After the mission statement was given off to the basketball court for Warmarama.


Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Windmills, Sun Gods, left over right and reverse, Willie Mays Hays, and Irish Potato Pickers with dialogue that this isn’t  really how you pick potatoes

Boot Camp Work Out exercises

Regular Suicides on BB Court

Backwards down and forward back suicides

Lt Dan to far base line and back

Round 1 of 7’s:

6 SC Merkins and 1 IC Plank Jack

Round 2 of 7’s

6 Copper Head Squats and 1 IC Mountain Climber

5 count ea PAX of Banana, Superman, Iron Man

Parking Space Merkins

4 sets of sprints in parking lot

Two rounds of curb toe taps, curb merkins

Two rounds of squat hold waiting your turn to AMRAP pull ups

Under the shelter two rounds of dips, erkins, derkins and step ups

Finished with a lap around the tree of life and back to Mary



American Hammer

X’s & O’s

Hello Dolly


Don’t forget Meemee’s Shriner run this Sat down at Emerald Isle

Q School tomorrow morning at CCC


John Jenkins, Madoff for his surgery this week, and Beaufort Middle School and community after the tragic death of a young student

YHC took the PAX out in a standing prayer.  Always great to lead and see a great turnout over the region today.

Till Next time-Suitcase



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