• When: 10/25/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy (Respect), Griswald, Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Huckabee (Respect), Plunger, Lemongello, Cooter, Pasqually, Birdman, Kiwi
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hash Mark

What a great morning for a workout, YHC thought while heading to the AO. 59° and the stars are out on a crisp, clear morning. As the PAX start to roll in, it was great to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while, like Lemongello, Plunger and Pasqually. Navy and Dash8 pull in, Dash8 quickly realizes that he forgot his trusty headlamp to light his way. So, he takes Navy‘s car (which we all cannot believe that Navy would let anyone drive his car) And heads back home to get it. Shortly after his return, what seem to be a “lovers spat” started in the parking lot by Navy‘s car. The mumble chatter roars from the PAX, telling them to leave that crap at home. LOL, these guys can’t catch a break! Hard Start! A flawless mission statement and disclaimer were stated.


Hillbillies IC x15, Cotton Pickers IC x10, Hairy Rockettes IC x10, Sun Gods IC x10 forward and reverse, Mosey, Abe Vigota IC x10, Mosey


While moseying towards the pool, we stopped along the way for a round of 7s. Plank Jacks IC on one side and Burpees SC on the other. Bear Crawl across one side and run back to the other. Mosey

making our way into the pool parking lot, I told everyone to find a spot on the curb.

Uneven Merkins (right hand on curb, left hand on ground) SC x10, Derkins SC x10, Uneven Merkins (left hand on curb, right hand on ground) SC x10, Rocky Balboas IC x15. Rinse and Repeat! Mosey back! While moseying back, Birdman quickly expressed his disappointment saying, “I thought we were going to the pool to have fun.” I thought we were having fun.

We would make stops along the way back to the flag for 2 rounds of Scorpion Dry Docks SC x15 with the right leg up, x15 with the left. Ron Burgundy expressed with sarcastic mumble chatter about not getting in enough shoulder work, so I decided to add in Hand Release Merkins IC x10. Mosey

As we approached close to the flag, we circled up for Mary. PAX choice…

American Hammers, LBCS, Merkins, Boat and Canoe and Iron Man. Back to the Flag!

Hard Stop! COUNT A RAMA, NAME A RAMA and LOTS of ANNOUNCEMENTS about upcoming Qs and events (to much to list, check Slack) PRAYER REQUEST were lifted up for FiA traveling for an upcoming run and Navy’s M, who will be joining them. Good luck ladies!! Kiwi lead us in prayer, thanks brother!

It was an awesome morning and so much fun leading this group of men. Thank you all for the push today! And a special shout out to Cooter, for lending me the keys to the Hashmark. Keep up the great work as the Site Q, brother! Until next time….






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