• When: 11/30/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Denver
  • PAX: Wilson(Respect), Madoff(Respect), Peyronie, Pocahontas, Shaft, Newman, Lemon Jello
  • AO: Back Blasts

Today, at the Hero Patriot we honored Sgt. Major Troy Black with the 3rd Battalion 7th Marine division that received the Bronze star for running through an un-swept minefield to recover a fallen comrade.  His courageous leadership set the tempo and inspired his troops through the remainder of his tour.  Homework was given for PAX coming to the HP to bring a story of another Hero and share with the group. Newman, Pocahontas, Madoff all receive an A. I wish I remembered the names of all of their heros, but I do not. However their stories of courage, and fortitude in difficult times was truly amazing.

Today’s warmerama started off with a slow mosey and an Indian run around the track for 1 lap. Then we met at the 50 yard line (not centerfield) for

10 SSH in cadence

L over R, R over L stretch

Cotton Picker X 10 in cadence



Thang 1 :

Counted off 1 through 4. Group 1 went to the Bell (underneath scoreboard) for SSH x 10 IC. Their instruction was to ring the bell before starting and when finished. Then everyone would rotate 1/4 of the track to the next station. Station 2(50yard line) was Squats, Station 3 (endzone), Station 4( 50 yard line opposite side) Merkins.  Did 2 rounds. 

Thang 2 :

Moseyed to the tires for a little follow the  leader, where we used the tires for baby box jumps. Wherever they were laying we’d jump up on a tire, in the middle, back up and then to the next tire. About 6 tires in a row.  Then we split up in 2 groups of 4 for a tire flip race. Then a little palate cleanser mosey.

Thang 3 :

Next we did Suicide at the practice field for 1 round, then to the “Mine Field” where we had to get our Partner across the field to safety. By whatever means whether it be a piggy back ride, a fireman’s carry, or wheelbarrow. Partner 1 would carry Partner 2 halfway across the field then switch to get to the other side.

Thang 4 :

Mosey’d to the bleachers for you know. “The Bleacher Snake” Partner 1 would do LBCs while Partner 2 would do the bleachers.  2 rounds each. Then we did some pull ups under the bleachers. 2 sets of 10 with partner help. Then a set of dips at the baseball field, set of peoples chair on our way back to the flag,


25 American Hammers, then some downward dog to get us to a Hard Stop.

Announcements were said, Prayer requests made.

Please keep Mrs. Fishler (Madoff’s mom) in your prayers.

Lemon Jello did a fine job leading us out in prayer. Reminding us to keep Jesus in our minds as we go through life and to strive to be more like him.

Thanks REEF for allowing me to lead this find group of men this morning. I did the best I could to draw gents out of the fartsack.



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