• When: 08/01/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Madoff, Poca, Meemee, Bedsore, Monkey Wrench, Reef Donkey, Creflo$, Nipple Shot, Puddles, Wolverine
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court

Where has the summer gone?  Aug 1 already but the Carterican Humidity was in full force this glorious morning.  I wasn’t sure what the head count would be with all the black ops BRR training going on, but it was nice to see so many men ready to get stronger.

As we headed to the basketball court for Warmarama, the Salter Path Duo rolled in hot and met us with a two count Burpee as a greeting.  I had planned on an extra long warmarama go get the juices flowing, much to everyone’s pleasure.  Waramrama included in no particular order, Side Stradle hops, Emperial Walker, Sun Gods, Irish car bombs-checking to see if any one is reading this, Michael Phelps, Willie Mays Hays, Cotton Pickers, Windmills, and something I can;t remember but everyone said it wasn’t a workout exercise.


Next we did a short partner exercise with partner A running to the far baseline and back while Partner B did Side Straddle Hops.  Each PAX did two sets of ea, followed by WWI’s, Air Presses, and Freddy Mercury’s.  From that we rolled into a set of standard suicides and Lt Dan’s on the court.


We moseyed on the trail stopping periodically for a set of 10 merkins until we reached the outfield fence.  At the fence we did a People’s Chair 10 count ea PAX while doing Air Presses.  The next round was a 5 count Balls to the wall with a short cleanser in between.

On the way to the shelter, we did one of my go to’s-Parking Space Merkin.  Running the outline of the parking space lines with a merkin at the end of each line.  This was followed by a set of alternating toe taps on the curb.

With some time remaining and a full of sweat happening, to the shelter we go for:dips, erkins, derkins, step ups, and adding a feet on the bench WWI (not sure of the official name).  Two rounds of these with a lap around the tree of life in between.


Onto Mary where YHC lead the PAX in some old time favorite moves before prayer request of Little John, Tinactin’s son.

YHC took the PAX out in prayer.

Till next time-Suitcase




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