• When: 12/2/2019
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Hacksaw
  • PAX: Navy (respect), FrankNbeans (respect), Couch Potato (respect), PurpleRain, Cheech, Ponch, Griswold, Rerun, Laettner, Hacksaw.
  • AO: Green Mile

My Madonna moment of the Green Mile!  Started out with the Mission Statement, Principles, 3F’s at 530.  Wanted to change it up some.

  1. Indian run to the Ocean Oaks soft matted, but thankfully soaking wet playground
  2. At the play ground we did old school partner sit-ups, AMRAP in 1 minute followed by AMRAP Merkins
  3. After that we 81% sprinted to the turtle crossing (foot of the EI mountain)
  4. We then did three laps over the mountain, Running the incline and cruising down the decline.  Planking for the 6.
  5. Then We climbed the mountain, and from the top, did a partner relay where one partner ran down and back, while the other alternated between 10 air squats and 10 LBC’s.  2 sets for each partner.
  6. Then we 79% ran back to the playground
  7. Then indian run back to the flag.
  8. Then we did 5 minutes of PAX driven exercises, CouchPotato (superman), Griswold (circle abs), PurpleRain (bird man situps), FrankNbeans (snow angles).
  9. Then we closed in the circle of trust.

Thanks for a great run boys.  I hope to lead this again some time (hint: FrankNbeans).

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