Five arrived for a rainy start to the Prometheus.

3 rucked and two ran the Emerald Isle bridge.

Enjoyed getting to know Stringbean and appreciate him posting with us from ENC while on vacation.

Announcements: Holiday Mansion on the Q at Rolling Stone tomorrow.  Huckabee’s Birthday and his second day in a row.  Happy Birthday and way to go Huckabee! Boat Day July 29th. Sign up for Sasquatch.

Prayer requests: Dash8, Purplerain, Couchpotato safe travels.  Gilligan on his recovery. Stringbean in supporting his 2.0 as she travels the country excelling at volleyball.  Stringbean took us out with a heartfelt prayer.

A pleasure and an honor as always gents. Thanks for the keys Pillbox.


Navy, Out.

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