9 HIM’s  and the Q showed on a breezy but glorious morning ready to start the week of on the right foot, no the left foot, no right, left, right, left,….. you get the idea.  After a quick 4 corner warmup, with a late arriving Newman (4 Burpees) the pax set off on the Newport tour Racking, stacking, and unstacking.  Stopping for Merkins(HolidayMansion), Box cutters(RonB), AST’s(BoPeep), LBC’s(Lactose), Air Presses(She Bangs), Imperial Walkers(Kiwi), Plank Jacks(Christie)  5,10,15,20,25,30 and back down.   Arriving back at the flag for 80% sprints, 50% sprints, and a Mosey to finish it off.      Wait forgot one thing Newman was allowed to lead in 20(25) LSF’s before the Sprints.   Late comers….. ugh

Announcements, Prayer requests, and COT by YHC.     A great morning men.

Blart out


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