The group used landscape logs to do a Navy SEAL type workout on the beach.  Warmarama consisted of yoga poses, ie, Down Dog, Up Dog, Plank, Lizard. Then we ran to an intersection and with our logs in hand, did Torso Twists, Wind Mills, Nancy Kerigans, then ran to the beach. We started with Erkins on the logs, Mohamad Ali’s on the logs, Noodling for catfish by digging in sand under the log at each Merkin, and Punch up merkins, first 10 then 15, then 20 reps. A cleaninsing run on the beach followed by a jail break back to the  logs. In groups of 2’s we did Dead Lifts, Over Head Press, Curls, and Squats. Next we didside steps, hop overs, Karioka, and Cha Cha Cha over and around the logs set five yards apart. We took a dip in the ocean then did  sit ups and Erkins in the surf. We jogged back for a shower followed by a Circle of Trust at the Ice Machine. Coffee-rama ended the morning at the Village Market.

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