At about 5:28 this morning with YHA and Lemon Jello standing in the parking lot of West, I started to get a little worried that someone had converged the Swash without telling me. Fortunately we had three other brave souls roll in and I settled on the pre-blast scared the other regulars off today. Starting off…


We moseyed around to the front of the school for some Sun Gods IC x10, windmills, and hill billys.


Bear crawling between the handicap parking poles in front of the schools followed by Lt. Dan to the next light pole.

Moseying over to the band field, inchworm merkins for about 30yds

On to the track for a round of bleacher snakes, then partnering up for catch me if can with 3 burpees.

Over to the bus parking lot and partnered up again for 100 WWIs with one man running to end of the parking lot and back.

Back to the front, repeating the bear crawling but with a merkin between each pole. Then squats at each parking spot, ascending from 1 to 13.

Back to the field for 30 yards of broad jump burpees.

On to the track again for a round of bleacher snakes and then some sprints on the track.

We then loosened up with Alt. Shoulder taps IC x20 and the full Big Sexy IC x20.


Freddy Mercs IC x20, LSF IC x20, and American Hammer IC x20

Thanks gentlemen for coming out.


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