YHC was glad to Q today as he hasn’t Q’d his own site for a couple of months now. With Gert on the 3rd anniversary Q at the court, an early HC by Ronnie B let me know we’d at least have 2. AuJus chimed in as well so a PAX would be present. Arriving a little early, I found Hotbox eagerly waiting both the pax and some info as he is on his second F3 post ever and yet to get on Slack. As I saw more headlights roll in I was pleased we’d have few good men to workout. One minute warning given followed by the mission statement and disclaimer and we were off to the track for warmarama.

Warmarama: Cotton pickers x 10 IC, SSH x 25 IC, Sun gods x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Stretch left over right then reverse.

The Thang: Partner up. Partners head around the track in opposite directions. Round 1, 10 wojo squats in each end zone and meet for 10 partner merkins on the front and back stretch. Once back to the start, the PAX performed a round of bleacher snakes. Round 2, WWI’s x 10 in the end zones and partner mekins x 10 on front and back stretch. Return for another round of bleacher snakes. The PAX heckled the Q a little bit over calling partner hand release merkins by mistake, so the call was made to Omaha the front and back stretches exercise to partner burpees x10 each stop. Round 3 was squats x 10 in end zones and partner burpees x 10 on front and back stretches. Another round of bleacher snakes. Final round was LBC x 10 in each end zone and partner burpees on the stretches, followed by one last bleacher snake. Mosey to the bench between the buildings. Partner 1 does dips while partner 2 runs out and around the big oak and back. Switch and repeat. Back together for erkins x 10 SC and derkins x 10 SC. Redo dips and run cycle and back for another round of erkins and derkins.

To the wall for peoples chair with air presses with each man counting 10 presses SC. Balls to the wall for a 10 count per man and then to the flag.

Mary: American Hammer x 10 IC, Dying cockroach x 15 IC, more American hammer x 10 IC, and more dying cockroach x 15 IC. Finally boats and canoes for last minute of Mary.

COT: Hash mark, Ruck, Stampede, Mullet wrapper and maybe Beaufort tomorrow. Prayers for my M having check up tests today, F# in Durham with cancer, John Jenkins, and others. Cooter took us out in prayer. Newman on the Swashbuckler Q next week.

Great day Gents. SYITG


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