YHC arrived early to get in a little standard and was happy as pie to see OG Laettner pulling in right behind me.  We got to the top of the bridge and back in time for a hard start.  All told we had 5 two leggers and 1 four legger show this morning for a little out and back fun.  Laettner, Maytag and Bouy ran Reed drive while Frank n Beans, BandCamp and YHC ran bridge repeats.  YHC would like to thank Laettner for making me run much faster than I would have on the standard and then FranknBeans and BandCamp for pushing me much faster than I would have liked the second and third time up the bridge.

TClaps to Bandcamp for consistent posting since he started up.  Great to have him out!

Announcements: Maytag on the Q for Boondocks in the morning. Prayer requests for traveling Pax (Couchpotato, Hotlips, Dash8) and for Ashley as she prepares for surgery this Friday.  Laettner took us out with heartfelt words of praise and thanksgiving.

As always, it was a pleasure gents.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead FranknBeans.


Navy, Out

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