It appears that someone needs some instruction on how to read radar. YHC and the other four pax who ended up as co-Qs this morning all saw that the skinny line of thunderstorms was moving through quickly and that we would be just fine by 5:30 am. (Au Jus, just don’t ask Rameses, Plunger or Stanky Leg for radar interpretation help. They know why.) After Puddles informed us that the Q had canceled the Table Setter on Slack at 5am, we quickly decided to split up the duties and get it done anyway. It went sort of like this . . .


Mosey to St. Egbert for SSHs 15 IC, CPs 15 IC, Sun Gods 10 IC forward, 10 reverse & Merkin’s Dog.

We then had a very short mosey to the St. Eg parking lot for a round of sevens (Burpees and Monkey Humpers IC). We then moseyed back to the picnic tables at Shevans for . . .


Step-ups or Box Jumps, Dips, Irkins and Derkins, 15 IC for each, and then a lap around the block. We did this twice, I think.


Copperhead squats 20 IC, Dips 15 IC, Wojo squats 20 SC & lunges 20 SC, 1and then a lap around the block. Again, I think we did this twice, the last time with a people’s chair while doing air presses 25 SC.

THING FOUR (Puddles)

Low slow flutters 20 IC, 2 minute plank hold, and then pull-ups on the playground (rounds of 10, then 8, then 6, then 4, then 2, and then a pull-up hold until we fell to the ground).

MARY (Poca)

WWIs, Protractor, Box Cutters, Dying Cockroaches & American Hammer


Others who did not show up this morning: MyTSharp, Juan Pelota, Dipper, Trailerhouse, The Sensation, Okinawa, Alan, Bambard, Beesting, Squeeler, Devlin-McGregor, Flanders, Kardashian, Slippin Jimmy, Vespa & Jang-A-Lang

Misty took us out in prayer.


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