Nice start to a beautiful day in Carterico.  Pulling into the AO YHC was wondering would RonB and Blart be going for some F2 and coffee this morning?   Shot down very quickly by Gert, and Cooter showing up.   The rest of the pax filled in nicely and Blart was excited to have more than a 4 pax party today.  An unconventional warmup for YHC today.

WARMARAMA consisted of Mosey with Butt Kicks, High Knees, Frankensteins, Windmills, and Imperial Walkers(opposites for RonnieB).  The pax then chose a coupon from YHC’s tailgate and proceeded to carry said coupon to each step of the workout.

On to the THANG

The PAX would complete three rounds of 20,15,10 exercises at each cone.  With a railroad track completed between rounds.

First round – The Big Sexy (pickle pounders, Boss Tweeds, Monkey Humpers) IC

Second round – Travolta’s IC, Carolina Dry Docks SC, Chillyjacks IC

Third round – Mountain Climbers IC, Alternating Jump Squats SC, LBC’s IC

After round three was completed it was time for The Wall Of Fire, which consisted of the pax in the Peoples Chair while one pax at a time would complete 10 SC LBC’s,Squats,Hillbillies.  Definitely in the Fire stage by the end of this one.


Pax approved Mary today.   X’s and O’s, LSF, American Hammer, Protractor to a Hard Stop

Thanks for letting me lead Holiday, it is always a pleasure to motivate these fine men.

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