YHC was glad to get the nod from Site Q to come back and Q the Swash after a few weeks of Thursday fartsacking. Glad to see several PAX show up early, the 2 minute an d1 minute warning were given and by 5:30 we were 10 strong. With the mission statement and disclaimer given, we were off. Mosey to stadium and jump right in with one round of bleacher snakes. Next, we did sungods, foward, overhead, and reverse all x 10 IC. SSH x 15 IC with real overhead claps. Cotton pickers and windmills x 10 each IC. Left over right and right over left to stretch it out.

The thang: A Holiday favorite. Partner up. Each partner runs the track the opposite direction doing 5 reps of called exercise in the end zone, 10 partner reps on back stretch, and 5 more in opposite end zone and complete the loop with 1 bleacher snake. Round 1 was merkins, round 2 squats, round 3 WWI’s and round 4 was burpees. Once completed we headed to the bench and the wall .Half the PAX held the peoples chair while the other half did 1 dips IC, switch and repeat, Round 2 was balls to the wall while the PAX did erkins. Round 3 peoples chair with derkins. Next to the pull up station. Partner 1 does pulls ups amrap while partner 2 runs the building loop, round 2 dips, switch and repeat. Now to the tennis courts for some forward and reverse. The PAX lined up on the sideline and ran to each line and ran backwards to the start, working our way across all 3 courts left and right sidelines. Now, mosey to the flag for Mary. American hammer x 15 IC and LBC x 15 IC and hard stop.

Prayers for teachers and students, John, Deanna, and others. Cooter took us out in prayer.

SYITG Holiday Mansion

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