• When: 1/16/21
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Lactose, Blart, jennyfinch, Linus, Pillbox, Skidmark, Fish, Sparkles, Prego, Tarhole,Hotlips, Sandflea, Ginger, Threesome, Moneypenny, Ronjeremy and ponch
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

It was Glorious

17 of America’s finest showed up in the misty morning to take part in activities brought to you by YHCs clear head

rolling warmarama from the flag to the Community center where under the cover of darkness YHC had placed 16 sandbags well known and well warn by western pax.   – each sandbag labeled-with an exercise and placed on the far end of the parking lot  to be retrieved, completed OYO and brought back to be exchanged until each sandbag made it into each Covid free hand. 17 pax meant each took a turn running the loop around the building as the 17th and exercise. Unless of course the youngest and the fittest both challenge you to “a race around the building” which was code for “I think I can make ponch’s heart pop”
With 28 minutes to spare it was a good thing there were labeled teepee cards back at the flag that, while circled up, well before the circle of trust, these men got the chance to lead the group in a rotating fashion – all while outside and having paid nothing. If the back of the card had the name of the pax that flipped it over, it was a jailbreak to sparkles’ house. Only twice out of 17 exercises did we have the honor.

6min of Mary lead by the respect club with the youngster lactose taking it for the hard stop

prayers for family members of many of our brothers , travel mercies and our country thanks for the coffee lactose great to see the strong FNGs out today

it’s an honor to muddle thru life with all y’all

for those of you keeping score at home-               today is DAY6 ….. sofar

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