Happy Happy Joy Joy that’s what they say about birthdays when your young, when you get older sometimes they turn into more of a hassle then warranted.  Now with that said, it definitely is not a hassle when it comes to a birthday with F3.  You Q on your birthday and enjoy the mumblechatter.  However, I did find a way to not have mumblechatter…….. Get the pax to count their own reps.  So here we go: Warmarama 4 corners start with 1 SSH off to next corner 2 SSH, 2 Cotton pickers next corner 3 SSH, 3 Cotton pickers, 3 Windmills next corner 4 SSH, 4 Cotton pickers, 4 Windmills, 5 Hillbillies, 5 Imperial walkers.  I did not mention the left over right and right over left because the Nantaan says we don’t stretch in F3.

Off to the field where YHC placed 4 cones.  A Jangalang special     The Quarter Pounder

I am just going to give you the totals:  500 LBC’s, 225 LSF’s, 150 Plankjacks, 150 SSH, 125 Merkins, 100 Freddy Mercury’s       1250 reps – Nice work pax              The odd numbers are from reversing it and starting at the far end for a second round.

A little bit of Mary with box cutters, LSF’s, (kiwi led) Dying cockroaches, and to finish (Burgundy led) Protractors.  Announcements, FNG naming Galagher (he has to google it, too young to know him), Prayers and COT by YHC.

As always I am humbled by the fellowship of the pax.  Great to see everyone this morning.

Blart out

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