While the millenials, Madoff and MyTSharp made one excuse after another not to exercise on Sunday, six 50 something respect pax, three of whom brought their much younger trophy wives, met for a perfect weather 4.25 mile ruck on the beach.  Great times were had, with the only awkward moment being when we were passing a large group of teenage boys and girls lying on the beach a little too close together for Ron Burgundy’s liking. He gave repeated warnings to the group, “don’t have sex, don’t have sex” in his stern, Upward basketball referee voice. That is one way to get a couple of dozen teenagers to quickly go completely silent.

Upon our return to the beach house, there was beer and cookies.


Ruckers don’t Mary.


Discussions were had at coffeeteria this morning about Duck possibly moving the Hero P to Ft. Macon this Saturday so that we can post and then run the 5K Mosquito Run. Stay tuned. This might be the only way to slow Lassie down a little bit.  As always, it was an honor to lead.


Now that I have done my back blast, I will post the AAR.


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